What You Can Do?

There are three important things you can do in the event to help the environment:

1. Offset your Carbon Footprint

Your flight, accommodation, transportation and food choice generates an impact on the environment. We can help the environment by offsetting our footprint. Follow four simple steps HERE to calculate and offset your carbon footprint during MWC19 Los Angeles:

2. Recycle your Badge

Do you know that if every attendee recycled their badge, the carbon footprint of the event would decrease by the equivalent carbon absorption of about 254 trees? Help us recycle your badge to reduce our environmental impact. You can find the recycle bins located at the exits of the event.

3. Minimize your Impact


What is the Environmental Program?

We are a carbon neutrality program committed to reducing the impact of our business on the environment, both in our offices and at our events. All 14 international GSMA offices and all GSMA events, including the Mobile 360 series have been certified as carbon neutral since 2016. This makes GSMA a carbon neutral company, a certification we intend to renew each year. Our objectives are:

Our Plans for MWC19 Los Angeles

  • Donation Room

    Waste reduction through our ‘Donation Room’ Initiative. We collected 2 box truck loads of furniture and office supplies in 2018 and donated them to Habitat for Humanity of Los Angeles.

  • The Green Stand Initiative

    We provide a free carbon footprint study to space only exhibitors to understand their impact on the environment and help them become more sustainable stands for future events.

  • Reduce Plastic Consumption

    Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) is a straw free facility. We encourage participants to bring their own water bottle during the event. We will be using water dispensers and cups instead of distributing bottled water in most of the event programs. We also encourage participants to bring their own water bottles to the event.

We love to hear your ideas. Send us your comments here: sustainability@gsma.com

Carbon Neutral Program Partner