AI inside

By Ben Gauthier, Technology and Commerce Partner at Q Division – A Transformative Tech Consultancy

AI is often a muddled phrase whose definition will be different depending on the speaker, for example, a data scientist, a digital marketer, or a… technology consultant will not all see AI the same. Nailing down what “AI is” can be as difficult as nailing down what “Mixed Reality is.” I prefer to focus not on what it is, but how to use it.

  • Where are its impacts being felt?
  • What features is it enabling?
  • Why should you care?

If data is the fuel and 5g is the pipe, then AI/ML is the fire – and there’s no better place to see these all come together than at MWC Los Angeles 2019. Q Division looks across a wide range of industries. Let’s apply AI to some.

There’s no better fit for AI/ML and the processing capabilities than computer vision. I’m not talking about draconian tracking, but understanding who is in your store, what they are doing, and how they are feeling. All things accomplished through video processing. It can be seen today in stores like Amazon Go, but computer vision tech is getting better and more accessible. This enables everything from planogram automation, store layout optimization, and employee placement.

Direct To Consumer (or DTC) is one tool that brands have against amazon. While that technically means just having an online presence, ecommerce tools are now leveraging AI to better personalize the experience and predict what people will want purchase. A win/win for both consumer and seller. The real game changer here though will be autonomous vehicles. Streamlining the delivery process and exposing a whole new experience model from within the car for brands to engage.

I say transit (airports/train stations), but it could really be any public space. Mobile users today are gravitating towards chat based engagement over social networking. Think about iMessage vs Facebook. To properly engage on this medium you’ll need a chat bot: a semi-autonomous chat stream that can help users with questions and can even provide recommendations or support commerce. Systems today, with the use of AI, allow for intent to be determined through text so bots can respond appropriately. Some full-featured bot platforms, like LivePerson, even allow handoffs to real people for complex situations.

AI is being used all around us in very practical ways. At MWC Los Angeles 2019, this year I’ll be leading tours on the topic of AI. I’m hunting down those companies on the exhibitor floor that are using AI to disrupt, so attendees can come away understanding what AI is and where it can be leveraged. You can learn more about the Transformative AI Tour here.

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