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5G’s Biggest Challenge Isn’t Speed, But Inclusivity

By Andrew Paradise, CEO and Founder of Skillz Half of America will have access to 5G technology by next year, but a shocking number of communities remain locked out of the high-speed internet connection they need to bridge the digital divide Getting

5G Spectrum: Opportunities of mmWaves

By Dr. Jyrki Penttinen, Technology Manager, GSMA North America 5G will rely on many of the existing radio frequencies, and it will also bring along completely new bands. The updated set of such a variety of options will help operators

Blockchain: Building Trust & Creating Value

By Shahid Ahmed, COO & Co-Founder, EQITII Similar to MWC Barcelona, there will be a lot of excitement and buzz about 5G at MWC Los Angeles. If we thought the insatiable demand for data consumption was huge already, wait till

Future of Artificial Intelligence and L.A.

By Todd Terrazas, President of AI LA. Los Angeles is the second most populous city in America and the third largest GDP in the world behind Tokyo and New York. Besides our amazing weather and lower cost of living than Silicon Valley,

Leveraging the Potential of Blockchain in the Telecom Industry

By Glenn Lurie, President & CEO, Synchronoss Blockchain, one of the most talked-about topics of the past two years, has remained a key topic of conversation among business leaders to this day – and for a good reason. The excitement surrounding

AI inside

By Ben Gauthier, Technology and Commerce Partner at Q Division – A Transformative Tech Consultancy AI is often a muddled phrase whose definition will be different depending on the speaker, for example, a data scientist, a digital marketer, or a… technology

5G Deployment Scenarios

By Dr. Jyrki Penttinen, Technology Manager, GSMA North America The full version of 5G is based on Standalone architecture model which refers to a set of sole 5G radio base stations and core elements. It will be capable of offering

It Pays to Be a Startup

UK Government Offers Start-Ups Grants to Attend MWC LA  The Government of the United Kingdom is offering UK start-ups a grant of £2,000 to attend and exhibit at MWC Los Angeles 2019. The move, which is funded by the country’s

Women4Tech in Los Angeles

We work in a highly dynamic, ever-changing industry. But unfortunately, there’s one thing that is not keeping pace with change: There are not enough women working in the telecommunications sector, and certainly not in the most senior levels. Companies with