GSMA Summits

eSIM Summit: Acceleration of eSIM Adoption

This eSIM Summit will focus on the adoption of the eSIM and trends of the US market. This event will provide the opportunity to meet with top-level experts from the esIM industry, Operators, Device Manufactures, Service Providers to explain the opportunities and the eSIM solutions for the US market challenge.


  • The Impact of eSIM on the US Markets
  • Overcoming Challenges of Integrity and Interoperability
  • Security: Role of the eSIM
  • eSIM as a Cross Industry Business Enabler

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WAS at MWC Los Angeles

WAS is responsible for the commercial aspects of interoperability (Interworking & Roaming) between Industry players – providing consistent and reliable services to consumers. Our members-only event presents industry insight and impacts on roaming, what’s happening now, as well as plans for the future.

Key topics that WAS will be engaging in: 

  • Edge Cloud & Operator Platform
  • 2G/3G Sunset & VoLTE
  • 5G & Network Slicing
  • MIoT
  • Billing and Charging Evolution
  • Roaming Hubbing

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The Mobile Infrastructure supply chain needs innovation and growth to meet the demands of our changing Digital Society.

Open RAN is emerging as a critical path to increase choice and flexibility to meet new use cases. At MWC21 Los Angeles, we will convene to discuss the momentum behind Open RAN, the opportunistic use cases and how the industry uses virtualised infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of Open RAN.

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Edge Summit

Everybody’s talking about the edge and with good reason. Recent Gartner reports show that by 2022 more than half of the enterprise-generated data will be created and processed at the network edge. Adding 5G to the mix will add significant opportunities for network and cloud providers as new use cases and trends emerge in areas of medicine, transport, agriculture and the home.

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GSMA Fraud Summit

Today, every call is an opportunity for intrusion and fraud, as traditional tools can’t respond quickly enough to all new fraud activity. Fraudsters and scammers are left to exploit the vulnerabilities of individuals, networks and organisations. Therefore, unwanted and fraudulent calls continue to cause problems for consumers across the globe.

So, how do we stop them, once and for all? Through intelligence and collaboration within the entire ecosystem.

Join us for the MWC Los Angeles GSMA Fraud Summit to discover how the industry is working together to link up localised fraud management solutions, creating deterrents that are greater than the sum of their parts.

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