Automation & AI in 5G RAN Testing


Wednesday, 27 October: 12:00 - 12:30 PDT


H, South Hall



Session Description

Over the last few years, Automation and AI has shown to be a key game changer in the industry, delivering faster, reliable and accurate results and when coupled with AI, increasing the process efficiency even further. Adopters of Automation and AI have seen strong ROI over the years.


Service providers deploying 5G, infrastructure vendors and other 5G ecosystem players, target to secure time to market advantage to be impactful players in the marketplace and process Automation & AI enables them do exactly that.

The concept of automation/AI, when extended to 5G network testing is delivering promising results already, whether it is in a lab type test environment or in a field test settings.


Learn about the challenges with traditional 5G testing methods and how Automation/AI delivers accuracy, reduction in testing time, faster troubleshooting with better resource utilization and efficiency, all with an improved RoI.

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