Covid-19 and the Impact on Telecoms: What is Permanent, What is Temporary?


Thursday, 28 October: 10:00 - 11:00 PDT


408 AConcourse Meeting Room,



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The telco industry has weathered a brutal storm, delivering resilient connectivity when people and businesses needed it most. But whilst social distancing measures and a greater dependency on fixed networks resulted in a surge in data traffic, worldwide lockdowns put pressure on certain revenue streams, such as roaming and retail sales.

While GSMA Intelligence research suggests that roaming revenues were down 10-20% in 2020 as global travel volumes declined, some operators reported nearly a 100% drop in international roaming traffic based on restrictive travel policies.

Like other crises before, the Covid-19 pandemic also accelerated existing consumer trends and habits, starting with the shift to online shopping, longer smartphone replacement cycles and a shift towards digital operators for operators themselves. Before the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the world and the industry, operators forecast that 52% of their smartphone sales were going to be made via online channels. Now, they must adjust to a more frugal customer base and a more crowded mid-tier of the market.

Join us, GSMA Intelligence, and several industry experts as we explore the implications of changing traveling and spending habits on the telecoms industry and operators’ retail, device, and roaming strategies.

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