Future of 5G: Domain Specific Service Providers


Wednesday, 27 October: 14:00 - 15:00 PDT


404, Concourse Meeting Room



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Robust networks are crucial to the success of enterprises undergoing digital transformation to stay ahead of the curve. 5G allows mobile service providers to offer superior end-user experiences to organizations and individuals alike. CSPs can leapfrog competitors and unleash the full promise of the next generation of mobile networks by leveraging 5G's ultra-low latency, real-time connection, greatly enhanced capacity and blisteringly fast speed.


Monetization of 5G is dependent on enterprises adopting it in public/private forms. Enterprises do not currently have the ability to embark on the 5G journey. For some enterprises, the investment may be a blocker in the short term. Enterprises will need help from specialists in identifying stacks and use cases, setting up networks while paying heed to spectrum considerations, providing applications on top of the network for specific use-cases, managing network and application services, all the while managing cost.


Domain specific services providers are the next step in the journey of providing state-of-the-art customer experience, thus accelerating 5G monetization.


Come, join us as our panel of leading industry experts explore the ever changing technology landscape.


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