Ian Hood

Chief Strategist, Global Service Providers and Emerging Industries, Red Hat

Ian Hood

Speaker Bio

Ian is Chief Strategist, Global Service Providers and Emerging Industries for Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open-source technologies.   Acting as a catalyst and trusted advisor, Ian brings together a wealth of industry and open source community insight to help our customers flourish in the digital transformation era.  Ian acts as a global strategic advisor engaging our community of customers and partners, catalyst for their business transformation, leveraging an open source suite of innovative, trusted, high-performing multi-vendor technologies and solutions.  Ian works closely with our global customers and partners to accelerate the development and deployment of emerging digital applications and services across our target industries.


More recently, Ian was responsible for global service provider architecture at Cisco, leading their SDN/NFV vision and business transformation strategy.  With his extensive background in system engineering, product management, and business, Ian has proven expertise in helping organizations navigate and succeed in today’s fast-paced competitive environment.


Ian grew up in Owen Sound, just a few hours north of Toronto in Canada, and spent the first half of his career designing and building communications networks for operators and governments around the world (e.g Petronas Towers, MCI/Verizon, SBC/ATT, Canada Post, Bell Canada, Telus, Rogers, Department of Defense, CSIS, Bank of Canada) and was the chief communications engineer for the Canadian global embassy network (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).


Ian is a very active and sought after speaker for engagements at many emerging technology, industry, and customer forums. Ian is a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario, and holds a B.A.Sc (Honours) in Electrical Engineering from University of Waterloo.