Are You Sure You’re Ready? IoT Product Launches – Legal/Regulatory ConsiderationsPerkins Coie

IoT Talks
The Fourth Industrial Revolution
Perkins Coie

Date & Time

Wednesday, Sep 12

9:30 AM - 10:00 AM


IoT Talks Theater, Booth S.2858


Because RF “smart” devices are inherently designed to be wirelessly connected to the voice and data networks, IoT companies are subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) and similar telecom regulatory agencies abroad.  Any device that emits RF energy is subject to the FCC’s regulation, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capable devices.  Therefore, essentially all IoT devices must comply with the FCC’s equipment authorization procedures and other regulations before they are marketed and sold to consumers.  Other launch-sensitive regulations include environmental, products liability, and privacy regulation (particularly GDPR in the EU).  This session will provide an overview of the legal considerations IoT companies should consider and address in connection with launching new IoT products.