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Thursday, Sep 13

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Doors open: 10:00 AM


Concourse Hall, Level 2 – Theater D


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Find us on the Concourse Hall, Level 2 - Theater D

Lindsay Lehr, Associate Managing Director, Americas Market Intelligence

“Mobile commerce in Latin America”

As smartphone penetration exceeds 50% across Latin America, there is now a critical mass of consumers who demand increasingly sophisticated mobile services. And while adoption of social media, chat, gaming and web browsing via mobile has skyrocketed in Latin America, the adoption of mobile financial services has been fragmented, even anemic. Nevertheless, financial institutions, telecoms and fintechs are rushing to develop ever-more innovative m-commerce services for Latin American consumers. In our panel, we will discuss this dynamic and take a look at:

o  The rise of mobile banking: Massive success of Brazil vis-à-vis its neighbors
o  M-commerce: The leading use case for mobile payments, but not without its challenges
o  P2P payments and digital wallets: Who is doing what right?
o  Mobile POS: Tech giants gaining share at the POS
o  A glimpse at mobile commerce adoption across the region’s key markets