Rethinking Business Models: Choosing to SucceedVodafone

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Date & Time

Wednesday, Sep 12

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Concourse Hall, Level 2 – Theater A


Walk up access is available on a first come, first served basis. Find us in the Concourse Hall, LEVEL 2, Theater A. 


2:00pm – Introduction
Our afternoon begins with a look at profound shifts that are affecting all businesses with continued disruption to the status quo.  We will focus on four key trends that will impact businesses over the coming years and highlight how understanding and addressing these changes is essential for success.
Host: Will Hughs, Head of Fixed Connectivity and Unified Communications, Vodafone Americas
3:00pm – Customer Case Study: The Moral Imperative
Vodafone is working with Sanku-Project Healthy Children to equip small flour mills in Africa with IoT services, providing fortified flour to millions of people. With two billion people worldwide suffering from micronutrient malnutrition, fortified flour battles against hidden hunger in developing countries. Sanku-PHC is bringing real-time, data-driven insights to 3,000 small scale flour mills with Vodafone’s global IoT SIM and USG Connect technology, which is helping significantly scale the program and improve its efficiency. This case study will delve into both the technology, and the societal impacts, of technology.
Speaker: Felix Brooks-Church, Co-founding President and CEO, Sanku-Project Healthy Children

3:30pm - Panel: Rethinking Business Models: Embracing innovation, knowledge and societal goals
Technology and social change are driving the creation of new business models.  How do you stay on top and ensure you are embracing digital technology and using data-driven insights to create a greater understanding of customer requirements? This panel will further explore these and other challenges as they relate to evolving business models.
Moderator: Lisa-Anne Uhrmacher, VP of Sales, Vodafone IoT Americas
• Steve Hilton, Co-founder and President, MachNation
• Felix Brooks-Church, Co-founding President and CEO, Sanku-Project Healthy Children
• Ludovico Fassati, Head of IoT, Vodafone Americas
• Will Hughs, Head of Fixed Connectivity and UC, Vodafone Americas

4:15pm – Open Q&A
Ask our speakers your most pressing questions on digital transformation and how you can improve the way you work by connecting your people, processes, technology and workspaces.

5:00pm – Partner Program Concludes
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