Tech Focus: Using Data Analytics to Drive GrowthConduent

Partner Programs

Date & Time

Wednesday, Sep 12

9:15 AM - 11:45 AM

Doors open: 9:00 AM


Concourse Hall, Level 2 – Theater A


Walk up access is available on a first come, first served basis.
Find us on the Concourse Hall, Level 2 - Theater A

Come join us for a stimulating discussion around two of the hottest topics right now – Content Moderation and 5G. Hear from industry experts on the issues surrounding content moderation and 5G lease capabilities. See first-hand how technology and analytics can help your business thrive and grow in an ever increasingly complex world.

9:00 AM – Networking
Coffee and snacks will be provided

9:15 AM – Welcome & Introduction
• Stephen Henn

9:30 AM – Session One: Panel on Content Moderation: Managing User Generated Content
As user generated content (UGC) becomes a more integral part of the business models of companies, concerns over suitability of the content and conformance to community standards have prevented UGC of reaching its potential. While affecting a very small percentage of UGC, illicit or hateful content can damage brands, hurt your customers, and hold back the profitable use of UGC.

This panel examines the issues raised by UGC, steps taken to ensure conformance to community standards and how technology can be used to filter bad actors and prevent a PR nightmare.

• Stephen Henn
• Karl Sobylak
• Anthony Gray

10:45 AM – Networking Break

11:00 AM – Session Two: The Advent of 5G: Creating a Strategic Advantage out of Chaos with Analytics
The advent of 5G will involve an exponential increase in the number of physical locations for equipment and continue to involve a diverse set of entities with strong financial interests as lessors, lessees and other service providers. New platforms and technology allows for the seamless management and full understanding of the lease portfolio and enables the integration of a range of data sources for the strategic acquisition, efficient use of equipment sites, and determining of ROI across the portfolio.

This demonstration shows a range of capabilities around the digitization and analysis of the contracting and lease management process, including integration of diverse data sources to increase the value of the lease assets.

• Stephen Henn
• Raj Bagga

11:45 AM – Partner Program Concludes
Thank you for attending and please ask one of us if you have any questions or would like a follow-up meeting.