Environmental Initiative

Join our Mission

The GSMA strives to be environmentally responsible at all of our offices worldwide, as well as at our global events. We encourage MWC Los Angeles exhibitors, sponsors and partners to do their part.

Calculate and Offset your Carbon Footprint

We all can reduce our impact to the environment. Visit  clean-co2.com  to calculate and offset the carbon footprint of your participation in MWC Los Angeles.

Our Objectives

  • Contribute to the preservation of the environment by reducing our emissions and waste.
  • Identify more opportunities to considerably reduce our event’s emissions.
  • Continue to work actively with our suppliers on improving our products to achieve emission reductions wherever possible.

What We Will Do in 2021

Building on our achievements at MWC19 Los Angeles here is what we will be doing this year:

  • The Green Stand Initiative will provide 30 free carbon footprint studies to space only exhibitors on a first come, first served basis. This will provide us with more accurate data for the event carbon footprint study. All data will be confidential.
  • Work with GSMA Operations team to reduce footprint of MWC Los Angeles feature areas within the event
  • All theatre structures will be modular and re-used in other events
  • Shell scheme stands/meeting rooms built using reusable materials where possible.
  • Digital distribution of welcome pack and other media materials to reduce the use of paper.
  • Low-voltage lighting fixtures used in all shell scheme stands and meeting rooms where possible.
  • Reusable utensils and tableware will be provided at official catering outlets.

The following are green practices city of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Convention Center:

  • Los Angeles has adopted the most ambitious and comprehensive energy and water efficiency law for existing buildings of any U.S. city.
  • Los Angeles has already reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 20% below 1990 levels as of 2013, nearly halfway to the goal of 45% below by 2025.
  • The Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) is a steward of environmental sustainability and is proud to be the first of its size in the U.S. to achieve LEED EB+OM Gold recertification (2015).
  • The LACC is 36% more energy efficient than the median building in the Entertainment Building use category.
  • The LACC had a 75% overall waste diversion rate for the calendar year 2016.

Our Achievements

Mobile World Congress Americas 2019:

  • Paper-free Media Centre, press kits and press releases.
  • Donation Room scheme recovered 450kg of materials, which reduced GHG emissions by 275 kgCO2e. These were donated to local non-profit organization
  • All communication via email, Mobile World Congress Americas does not send out physical letters from registration.
  • LEED Gold certified venue
  • Event venue powered by green energy: 95% hydropower energy and 8-12% solar power generated on site
  • In accordance with Los Angeles Food Service Waste Reduction Ordinance, Styrofoam was banned, and all serve ware was required to be compostable or recyclable
  • No single-use plastic bags were allowed.
  • Shell scheme stands/meeting rooms were built using reusable materials where possible.
  • Low-voltage lighting fixtures used in all shell scheme stands and meeting rooms where possible.
  • Reusable utensils and tableware were provided at official catering outlets.