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3Z Telecom


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3Z Telecom is a leading manufacturer of antenna alignment and monitoring solutions. 3Z Telecom’s RF Vision Antenna Alignment tool is perfect for panel, microwave and small cell antenna alignment. With its built-in camera, RF Vision provides accurate alignment and automatic Line-of-Sight reports to help identify any near-field obstructions that may occur with 5G beamforming. More recently, 3Z Telecom launched the IoA – IoT for Antennas, an attach-and-monitor device that provides real-time alignment reporting, as well as the AMP, a small all-in-one motion processing module that integrates into an antenna’s existing circuitry to enable reporting on Azimuth, Tilt and Roll.

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RF Vision Antenna Alignment Tool

The world’s first and only antenna alignment tool with a built-in camera and LCD screen. Augmented reality makes aligning your antennas ultra-easy! Simply input a target azimuth, tilt, and roll; then align the cross hairs to the bullseye target.

IoA Alignment Monitoring Sensor

The new IoA makes it incredibly easy to monitor antenna alignment in 3 dimensions: azimuth, tilt and roll. Simply attach it to the antenna and it will detect and report alignment in real time.

AMP Antenna Motion Processor

The AMP is a small, all-in-one motion processing module for use in active antennas. It seamlessly integrates into an antenna's existing circuitry to enable reporting on azimuth, tilt, and roll from a relative reference point.