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Allis Communications Co., Ltd


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Established in 1995, Allis Communications was established as a subsidiary of AEC Group to design and manufacture GPS antennas for the emerging Global Positioning System market. It evolved into an antenna supplier with products ranging from GIS System to Cellular Mobile System.
Over the years, we have also expanded our design experience to five fields of expertise.
• Antennas
• Engineer Design Service
• IoT Solutions
• System Integrator
• Electrical Transmission and Distribution
Allis Communications has been successfully transformed its products such as Wireless Router/Gateway/Adapter, Air Sensing Sensors, and LoRa Receivers achieving high performance and consistent connectivity for IoT applications.



Power Line Fault Indicator

Features & Benefits: 1. Secure Encryption 2. Long Range Communication Capability 3. Accurate Power Measurement 4. Seamless Mapping Integration 5. Support versatile communication protocol

Data Concentrator Unit System

Data Concentrator Unit System

GCRC5_2G/3G/4G/5G Antenna

The GCRC5 is a high performance and quality antenna for 2G/3G/4G/5G applications. The antenna features high efficiency and meets all of the 4G/5G performance standards. The RF connector and cable length can be customized as required.

IoT LoRa Sensor/Receiver

PM2.5/ PM10 Sensor;Humidity/Temperature Sensor...