Health and SafetyFor Your MWC Experience

We all want things to be back to normal. In the meantime, we’re taking precautions to provide peace of mind at our event – so together, we can all enjoy getting business done safely.

California has already started to reopen and the GSMA is working closely with the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board and the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) to ensure MWC Los Angeles ‘21 can go ahead safely.

John Hoffman, CEO, GSMA Ltd

A Committed MWC Community

Committed Community MWC Los Angeles is our specially developed safety plan that uses the latest governmental health and safety advice to mitigate the risks of Covid-19.

Working together for safety

For 2022, we’re working towards a safer event with the help of partners and all our participants. To mitigate the risks of Covid-19, all attendees must upload their vaccination results into the CLEAR Health Pass App, bring valid documentation if you are unable to access the app, or prepare to take a Covid-19 test to prove you are eligible to enter.

Vaccination requirements

To maintain an environment for safety, we’ll be working with a well-known health pass app to manage Covid-19 vaccination documentation and testing validation.

Please ensure you upload all the required information into CLEAR Health Pass App, or have your documentation ready if you don’t have access to the app – one day before build and throughout the event.

  • Before entering: you must upload proof of vaccination, valid vaccine verification, or Covid-19 test results into the CLEAR Health Pass app
  • Valid vaccines: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and J&J/Janssen, as well as WHO approved vaccines: Sinopharm, Sinovac, AstraZeneca, and Covidshield.
  • Those who are unable to access the CLEAR Health Pass app must provide proof of vaccination or negative PCR or antigen test documentation.

Covid-19 testing

  • A valid negative PCR or Antigen Rapid Test result must be uploaded into the health pass app to access the event
  • Remember Covid-19 test results are only valid for 72 hours from when you were tested, and you are only permitted entry into the venue if you have a valid negative test for the entire event day, meaning you will have access into the event on the day of your test plus the following 2 event days.

Personal Protective Equipment

Everyone must wear a mask to protect those around you during set-up, show days, and during dismantle. The following instructions are mandatory LACC requirements:

• Mask guidelines​

  • Masks must be worn over the nose and mouth and made of a tight-knit, non-permeable material. We recommend surgical, KN95 or N95 masks
  • Cloth masks are acceptable, but bandanas, scarfs, and gators are not permitted​
  • Masks should fit snugly against your nose and chin, with no significant gaps around the sides of the face
  • Your mask must have two or more layers of tightly woven or non-woven material
  • Make sure it’s comfortable to wear​

You can remove your mask only when…

    • You are eating or drinking​
    • You are presenting or speaking on-stage
    • You are outside of the venue

    Attendees must provide their own masks for the event​

    Here are some helpful mask tips from LA County.

    Temperature monitoring

    • The temperature of all participants will be checked upon every entry into the venue
    • All participants’ temperature will be taken at every venue entrance
    • Those with a 100.4°F / 38°C temp reading will be denied entrance

    Information for those unable to access the CLEAR Health Pass App

    We realize that not all attendees will be able to access our CLEAR Health Pass App. In these circumstances, please familiarize yourself with our onsite verification process:

    You will need to provide one of the following:

    1. Proof of vaccination such as an original vaccination card, a printed copy of the vaccination card or a digital copy

    2. Negative PCR or antigen test documentation. Testing documentation will be valid for 72 hours from test date/time

    • Once this process is complete, you’ll be provided with a color-coded wristband for that specific date of entry.

      Covid-19 testing locations

      Our entry requirements mean that attendees must be able to provide a valid, negative PCR or Antigen Rapid Test result, if not providing valid vaccine documentation.

      As part of our commitment to the health and safety of everyone participating, we’ve compiled a list of Covid-19 test locations that you may find helpful during your visit to MWC Los Angeles 2021.

      Download our test centre list

      Safety measures at LACC

      GBAC STAR Accredited​

      Did you know that the LACC is a GBAC STAR™ accredited venue?

      It’s the first convention center on the West Coast to earn this accreditation for high-level standards on outbreak prevention, response and recovery.

      The GBAC designation, along with ASM Global’s VenueShield Program, highlights LACC’s commitment to creating a safe environment. Find out more here.

      Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC)​

      The Blue Tower Program focuses on cleaning and building maintenance operations to ensure a safe and healthy environment​ at LACC. Extra measures include:

      • Floor plans showing physical distancing requirements
      • Signs in public areas showing how to control infection
      • No-touch hand sanitizers, paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, water closets and faucets
      • Catering options that are mindful of safety
      • Distancing barriers to enhance food & beverage services​
      • Touchless payment portals

      LACC currently uses filters designed to meet the air-filtration efficiency criteria required for LEED EB Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building certification. (MIR13 & 14 Filters)​

      Physical Distancing

      To help monitor crowd capacity, auditoriums, theatres and meeting rooms will be set at 75% capacity​​. Here’s some additional measures we’ll be taking:

      • Wider aisles in the exhibition hall​
      • Traffic flow signage throughout
      • Limited numbers of participants at all booths

      Cleaning & Disinfection

      The LACC is enhancing its hygiene protocols with a new cleaning, sanitation and disinfection (CSD) team who will clean all meeting rooms and theatres between sessions. Here’s more about their hygiene commitments:

      • Pre-event cleaning: disinfection specialists will clean all public-facing spaces
      • Event cleaning (public areas): will be disinfected throughout the day
      • Post-event cleaning: public spaces will be disinfected and prepared for the next event day

      Health & Emergency Services

      Onsite emergency services will be provided by Joffe Emergency Services​

      Catering / Food & Beverage

      Thinking of something to eat or drink? Our beverage stations have been designed in accordance with the Health Officer Order and allow customers to:

      • Sit and/or perch​ while eating or drinking
      • Avoid eating and drinking while walking around

      Other precautions include:

      • Social distance barriers to enhance food & beverage services​
      • Concession outlets equipped with sneeze guards/glass barriers, signage to aid social distancing and current LA County Department of Health guidelines
      • Pre-packaged food and beverage wherever possible ​
      • Cashless catering outlets (credit card only)

      Venue: air quality and HVAC

      The LACC upholds an inclusive infectious disease prevention program. This includes the latest measures to promote engineering controls and administrative controls for mitigating risks for employees, clients and customers:

      • Air Quality Monitoring: Indoor air quality will be constantly monitored by our engineering team
      • HVAC System: LACC will maximize, where feasible, the quantity of outside air in our buildings and to improve indoor air quality with mechanical or natural ventilation systems.

      Stay up to date with Health & Safety at MWC Los Angeles

      Planning in a pandemic is complicated. With global circumstances constantly changing, we are constantly re-evaluating and adapting our plans as necessary, whilst leading consistently with our role as conveners of a critical ecosystem.

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