5G and IoT – Understanding the Relevance to Your BusinessCognizant

Showfloor Talks
Open to All

Date & Time

Wednesday, Oct 23

10:00am - 10:30am


5G Talks Theater - South Hall, Stand 1057


The impending mass availability of 5G networks is set to mark a major step forward in extending 5G applications to various vertical industries and fields beyond traditional Telecom and Mobile Internet. Promising low latency and high speeds, 5G will be widely applied across Manufacturing, Banking, Transportation, Travel and Hospitality, Electric Power and Healthcare. As IoT emerges as an integral component across industrial applications, the lifeblood of most industries will be tied to error resilient, high bandwidth requirements in a mature stage of 5G commercialization. Industry 4.0 revolution brings the promise of transforming existing processes and making the Enterprise ready for the next big technological change. Knowing if it is relevant to your business before you balance the ROI with FOMO has its challenges, especially when day-to-day operations make it hard to think ahead. Join our session to learn about the experiences of global businesses who are discovering: • Where will 5G be relevant in my business? • How will we capture value? • What enablers do we need to have in place? • What could a successful adoption of 5G/IoT tech for industries look like?