5G Security Summit

Open Summits
5G,Disruptive Innovation
Open to all

Date & Time

Wednesday, Oct 23

10:45am - 3:45pm


NexTech Stage - West Hall


Cellular networks lie at the heart of critical infrastructure that keeps societies connected and safe. An unprecedented amount of services and data, much of it critical, relies on connectivity services provided by the telecommunications backbone across the country and internationally. As the conversation shifts to 5G, the telecommunications industry has a fresh challenge. 5G will enable countless new IoT services, connected devices and terminals, providing potential vulnerabilities at a scale not before considered. Additionally, the cellular network itself can also be vulnerable to attacks, leading to shortages or worse. As such, it is imperative that the entire ecosystem comes together and addresses security as a key building block across all network elements, from the core to the end user. Only by creating a cohesive strategy and set of standards will our networks be secure. The 5G Security Summit aims to address these concerns, by providing an open platform to discuss technologic, strategic and economic advances and concerns, building towards a safer future.