Enabling Innovation and Collaboration in 5G: Use Case – Smart BuildingsTIA

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Date & Time

Wednesday, Oct 23

9:00am - 12:00pm


404A (Concourse Level 2)


09:25am Panel 1 - Explore the Core of a Smart Building: Take a virtual guided tour through the core technology inside a Smart Building. Learn how private networks, IoT, automation and Edge Data Centers will work together to create the connected building of the future.

10:10am Panel 2 - A Smart Buildings Conversation: 5G will continue to push the need for edge computing, as well as new macro and private network investments. Join an intimate discussion about the future of Smart Buildings. Explore the opportunities and challenges of deploying and connecting Smart Buildings at scale.

11:11am Panel 3 – In-Building Wireless: The Path to Smart Buildings?: Over the next few years, CBRS and other technologies are going to radically improve wireless connectivity and ultimately impact in-building communications strategies. How will building owners capitalize on the possibilities of shared spectrum solutions? Is this a big step toward Smart Building deployment? Our panel of experts explores the issue.