How 5G is Shaping the Future of Connected Car Technology

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Date & Time

Tuesday, Oct 22

10:30am - 11:15am


NexTech Stage - West Hall


5G is shaping the future of leading-edge aftermarket solutions for connected vehicles, including insurance telematics, fleet management and emerging mobility service models. Intelligence captured from vehicles enables feature-rich apps and services that expand access to alternative transportation modes, facilitate public safety compliance, deliver driver behavior insights and expedite emergency response. Adoption will be measured by how well automotive service providers deliver value-added services that improve road safety, mitigate risk and enhance the driver experience. This session will explore the transition to blended driving and how aftermarket connected and autonomous vehicles and rapid developments in 5G will play a role and affect road safety and society. With hundreds of thousands of connected cars and autonomous vehicles poised to hit the road, the ecosystem must work quickly to facilitate this complicated transition. The discussion will explore how human drivers and self-driving vehicles can safely coexist and what role technology will play in the transition to blended driving, innovative transportation modes and city planning.