How To: Navigate the Fragmented IoT EcosystemKORE Wireless

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KORE Wireless

Date & Time

Thursday, Oct 24

10:00am - 10:30am


IoT Talks Theater - South Hall, Stand 3147


As IoT adoption becomes increasingly commonplace, the number of IoT platform providers, device manufacturers, network carriers, and application developers – among many others – is exponentially expanding as businesses seek to get their piece of the IoT pie. As such, IoT solutions come with highly complex supply chain demands and require many different technologies and vendors to not only identify and procure, but also to continuously manage and maintain. This constant complexity leaves ample room for strategic mistakes and deteriorating ROI. By selecting the optimal IoT technology mix and partner ecosystem, though, organizations can bring simplicity to this traditionally complex endeavor. In this presentation, KORE President and CEO, Romil Bahl, will provide the expert insights organizations need to ensure long-term IoT success, covering all stages of the solution lifecycle from strategy, business cases, and PoC’s all the way through to data-driven analytics and insights.