Intelligent Connectivity and Automation: Enablers for the 5G PromiseHCL

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Wednesday, Oct 23

11:00am - 12:00am


403B (Concourse Level 2)


Today, telcos and service providers are under constant pressure to reduce network operation costs and improve network availability, while delivering more and better services. They aspire for AI/ML based network solutions that can collect relevant data from the 5G network infrastructure, so as to enable zero-touch configuration, auto-healing and auto-scaling. The key challenge each player has been facing is to analyze the right data in real time to measure, detect, report, and predict any incidents that may impact the network availability or the user experience in the 5G hybrid network. This is where service providers are expecting next-gen analytics, user experience, and AI/ML technologies to be embedded into devices, equipment and network functions in the telecom network ecosystem.