Private Wireless Networks: Crisis or Opportunity? The Market Speaks

GSMA Seminars

Date & Time

Wednesday, Oct 23

1:00pm - 4:00pm


408B (Concourse Level 2)


Private wireless is not a new concept.

For years, enterprises of all shapes and sizes have built bespoke wireless networks in order to service specific demands. Today, however, a perfect storm of business and technical developments has made private networking one of the most important disruptors facing the wireless industry…a trend that could drive massive new revenues for operators and vendors, or leave them disintermediated.

Join us as we pull together leaders in the private wireless space to discuss fresh insights from the field on how market is developing and what it could look like going forward.

  • Can all of today’s big buzzwords - 5G, network slicing, edge networking, digital transformation - combine to enable private networks for a broader set of enterprises?
  • How are enterprises looking at private wireless networks? What are their requirements?
  • How are operators around the world tapping the opportunity?
  • What’s been the experience of vendors, operators and enterprises?

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