The 5G Premium: We will build it, they will come… but will they pay?HarrisX

Showfloor Talks
Open to All

Date & Time

Tuesday, Oct 22

11:00am - 11:30am


5G Talks Theater - South Hall, Stand 1057


In this session, Alex Chizhik, COO of HarrisX, will discuss 5G development from the perspective of the U.S. consumer. Mr. Chizhik will talk about the current mindset of U.S. wireless consumers, their attitudes towards the new technology, and their willingness to pay.

As data from the HarrisX 5G Intelligence Platform shows, while awareness of 5G is understandably on the rise, US consumers seem to feel less sure about what the technology will provide them and what technological advancements they can expect from it. This session will explore whether the resulting confusion will have an impact on their behavior and adoption of the tech once it is widely available.

During this session, Mr. Chizhik will explore how both consumers and business decision makers feel about the benefits of 5G, what capabilities they are most looking forward to with the new tech, and their corresponding expectation of price.