The Role of the Integrator in IoTJames Brehm & Associates

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Wednesday, Oct 23

11:15am - 12:00pm


403A (Concourse Level 2)


Actionable, contextualized information from applications with global scale, legacy sub-systems, cloud services, connected edge-devices, Fog Computing concepts, OT/IT alignment, Enterprise/Industrial IoT (IIoT) systems present a new challenge in terms of interoperability, end-to-end performance and security. That, in short, is the IoT. Who can deliver on the promise? One aspect of the IoT that hasn't been well discussed is the huge opportunity it represents for systems integrators. It's no coincidence that Accenture, PwC, etc. are producing regular and optimistic reports on the impact of the IoT, it's a huge opportunity for them now (consulting) and over the next decade (development, deployment and evolution). How will IoT systems be implemented, deployed and maintained? Will SI’s deliver? Will they move “down the stack” and work with companies outside the Global 1000? Or will a new type of integration organization emerge?