Upward Mobility: Reinventing Transportation for Human-centric Evolution

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Disruptive Innovation
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Date & Time

Tuesday, Oct 22

2:00pm - 2:45pm


NexTech Stage - West Hall


The need for ubiquitous connectivity that scales to meet consumer demands is disrupting every consumer facing industry. The shift from manufacturer to transportation experience provider in the automotive space and the democratization of the travel and transportation industry is no different. While there seems to be agreement on the need to adapt and innovate, there have yet to be any true transformational leaders from the traditional companies you would expect to be the drivers of change. This session will focus on how intelligent autonomy, ubiquity of engagement and contextual experience modeling empowered by ecosystems across the value chain not isolated enterprises will truly upend transportation and how it is consumed; the business model supporting the delivery of transportation; what components make up the transportation ecosystem, converged monetization of passengers and providers and the evolution of connected commerce while on the move.