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Riku Mettälä

Riku Mettälä


Vice President, IoT Cloud and Mobile


Silicon Labs


Riku Mettälä serves as Vice President for Internet of Things (IoT) cloud and mobile products at Silicon Labs where he oversees the strategy and product portfolio for the company’s processing, connectivity and sensing portfolios for the IoT. Riku has nearly 20 years of wireless industry experience in various connectivity technologies including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular, NFC and USB. Riku joined Silicon Labs in early 2015 when the company acquired Bluegiga Technologies. At Bluegiga, Riku led product development and operations for the wireless module business for 3 years. Prior to Bluegiga, Riku worked for the Nokia Smartphone business more than 10 years. During his time at Nokia, Riku was active in the Bluetooth SIG, personally contributing to Bluetooth standardization and leading R&D organizations for smartphone connectivity technologies. He completed his Master of Science studies in computer science and telecommunications at Tampere University of Technology in Finland and Virginia Tech in the United States.