Talia Kocar

Talia Kocar


VP of Content


Mammoth Media


Talia Veronica Kocar is the Vice President of Content at Mammoth Media, the mobile-first media company producing and delivering short-form content to entertain global audiences on their smartphones. She develops and oversees the creation of compelling content and community strategy for Mammoth’s popular apps Yarn and Wishbone to attract and engage today’s generation of digitally native consumers.

Kocar has demonstrated skills in experiential storytelling, trend analysis, social growth and creative vision. After running countless focus groups and interpreting data on the interests of Generation Z and millennials, Kocar and her team work on optimizing this experience of a new era in short-form mobile entertainment content. The company’s growth and ability to curate trending content is largely due to Kocar’s leadership and her deep knowledge of these targeted demographics.

Prior to her role with Mammoth Media, Kocar led content development at a small startup called IconApps that launched Inlight, a female-focused virtual magazine, and worked at incubator and venture firm Science Inc.. She is a graduate of University of Southern California with a degree in English Literature.