Tormod Larsen

Tormod Larsen


Vice President and Chief Technology Officer




Tormod Larsen is an engineering and technology executive with a deep understanding of telecommunications infrastructure. He has developed, built and managed numerous network systems throughout the United States.

Prior to joining ExteNet Systems, Larsen was Vice President of Sales and Engineering for LGP Allgon, Ltd., where he was responsible for building the Coverage Systems Division that deployed large multi-operator systems. During his career at Allgon, Larsen held several other executive and managerial positions, including Director of Technology and Engineering for Allgon Telecom, Ltd., and Regional Manager of Coverage Engineering for North America.

A senior RF engineering specialist with extensive expertise in distributed antenna systems, he has managed network implementations for the Chicago Transit Authority, Microsoft Campus, Seattle Tacoma International Airport, Wynn Las Vegas and Mandalay Resorts Group.

Before Allgon, Mr. Larsen served as Global Product Manager for Repeater and Confined Area Communication Systems with Siemens AG. While at Siemens, Mr. Larsen held other senior technical and engineering positions with specific focus on distributed antenna systems as well as wireless communication in confined environments.

Mr. Larsen holds an MSEE from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim.